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Unit Security testing with SecTester

Wednesday, October 12th, 12 pm EST

Developers are delivering fast and security testing needs to be scalable and put into the hands of developers, but current security testing is low, creates bottlenecks and just delays releases...but it doesn't have to...

Bright’s developer-first Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) scanner is the first of its kind to integrate security testing with unit testing. Test every function / component to quickly detect and remediate security issues with NO false positives / alerts, without slowing you down.

Join this workshop for exclusive access to Bright’s SecTester for Javascript unit testing.

Together we will:

- Understand what developer-first DAST (Dynamic Application Security Testing) actually is and how it works
- See where and how a modern, accurate dev-first DAST fits in the CI/CD
- Integrate Bright’s scanner with a project
- Fork a repo, set up a pipeline, run security tests and look at the results
- Analyse the security scan and the error for a finding in the CLI
- Prerequisites: We will supply these ahead of time to be emailed to all registrants

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Akira Brand

Developer Relations at Bright


Akira works in Developer Relations at Bright Security, where they are on a mission to help developers build secure software. They have worked as a full-stack developer in both e-commerce with PS Products, and EdTech with Emeritus and MIT. They are currently working on a NodeJS app to manage the myriad relationships formed in DevRel. As an educator, Akira has mentored and taught students of all age groups and levels for over ten years in technology and music, both in the classroom and as a tutor. You can talk to them about cybersecurity, clean energy, protecting biodiversity, and last but certainly not least, growing gourmet mushrooms!